pictureDripping Springs Water Drought Contingency

Prolonged dry spells are a fixture of Texas weather. Dripping Springs Water has adopted a drought contingency plan to assure that all customers can count on reliable service during periods of high water usage.

For a PDF copy of the plan, click here.

There are six stages to Dripping Springs Water's drought plan -- mild, moderate, severe, critical, emergency, and water allocation.

In the drought of 2011, one of the worst on record, Dripping Springs Water was forced to adopt mandatory watering restrictions based on the moderate stage, which allows watering only once per week.

On November 8th 2011 a memorandum was mailed to each member, giving notice and details of the Stage II watering use restrictions.Click here for a copy.

A confidentiality notice was also mailed with the November memo. See the form for details.Click here for a copy of the Right of Confidentiality of Personal Information Form.

Dripping Springs Water has ample water supply to meet demand from members and customers. Along with its groundwater wells, Dripping Springs Water has a contract with the Lower Colorado River Authority for surface water. LCRA requires its customers to implement mandatory conservation each summer and, if lake levels fall, the river autority may impose more stringent watering restrictions. For information about the LCRA's water conservation efforts, click to www.lcra.org.

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