Dripping Springs Water Supply Proposed New Rates

Dear Dripping Springs Water Supply Corporation Member:

The Dripping Springs Water Supply is currently looking into proposing a new rate tariff.

The lower usage tiers will be kept the same but the higher usage tiers will be broken down differently with higher rates. 

Current Rates:

0-4000                         $2.25/1000

4,001-8,000                 $3.75/1000

8,001-12,000               $4.25/1000

12,001-40,000             $4.75/1000

40,001 and above       $5.25/1000


Proposed Rates:

Residential/ Commercial with no irrigation meter

0-4000                          $2.25/1000

4,001-8,000                 $3.75/1000

8,001-12,000               $4.25/1000

12,001-20,000             $5.25/1000

20,001-30,000             $6.25/1000

30,001-50,000             $8.25/1000

50,001 and above       $12.00/1000


Commercial with separate irrigation meter

0-4000                         $2.25/1000

4,001-8,000                 $3.75/1000

8,001-12,000               $4.25/1000

12,001-30,000             $4.75/1000

30,001-50,000             $7.25/1000

50,001 and above       $9.25/1000


Irrigation Meters

0-30,000                      $3.25/1000

30,001-50,000             $5.25/1000

50,001-100,000           $8.25/1000

100,001 and above      $12.00/1000


The proposed new rates will go into effect in January 2020 if approved. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at the office (512-858-7897) or come to our next board meeting Monday September 23rd at 6 pm.

Board of Directors Application

NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS:  You have the opportunity to submit an application to serve on the Dripping Springs Water Supply Board of Directors during our next election which is scheduled for April 27th, 2020. Please fill out an Application (along with twenty member signatures) and return to our office by March 6th, 2020 11:59pm. One position will be filled during this election held at the Annual Membership Meeting scheduled for April 27th, 2020 at 6pm. Please call DSWSC office with any further questions (512) 858-7897.

Board Of Directors Application  

Customer Portal Now Available


Customers now have online access to their water usage information via the Dripping Springs WSC web site and the getMyMeter.info portal.

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve services to our customers,Dripping Springs WSC has upgraded our water meters with “smart” endpoints to help you monitor your water usage by offering you direct and secure access to your water usage data.  The Dripping Springs WSC web site now offers access to the getMyMeter.info portal and smartphone apps to review and analyze your water usage patterns. With these tools, you are now able to view your usage activity and gain greater understanding and control of the amount of water you use. You are also able to establish alerts, including identifying potential leaks and abnormal increases in your water usage.

To access the getMyMeter.info portal, click the button below. Register your account using the account number and name from your Dripping Springs WSC billing statement.

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